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Why guitartunes....and why is there a trumpeter on this page?

Ask a million guitarists to play a simple tune like "Happy Birthday" and I bet that over 999,990 of them will get it wrong! And I also bet that nine out of ten people who play a trumpet would have no bother at all.

We teach piano, recorder, violin, bagpipes, the trumpet and lots of other instruments by starting with simple TUNES.............so I do the same with the guitar. Hence the name for this website - "guitartunes".

Tunes by numbers

Nearly three years ago I started teaching tunes by numbers. It has worked wonders for lots of people and completely changed the way I look at the guitar, even after playing for forty years!

In numbers, "Happy birthday" goes like this.........

11 2 1 4 3

11 2 1 5 4

11 8 6 44 3 2

77 6 4 5 4

Try singing the numbers and you are half way to playing the tune. You don't need to think about notes like "B flat" and so on because I teach you how to train your fingers, so that your fingers can do the thinking for you.



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