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Jimi Hendrix doing something interesting with his country's national anthem..........

....so why "guitartunes"?

Ask a million guitarists to play a simple tune like "Happy Birthday" (or even "The Star Spangled Banner", "Flower of Scotland" or "God Save the Queen") and I bet that over 999,990 of them will get it wrong!

And I also bet that nine out of ten people who play a trumpet, piano, violin or even a double bass would have no bother at all.


If you find the rest of this website interesting, then I'd be happy to hear from you about possible lessons. It explains my approach to the guitar - as you will soon find out, I'm not someone to sing and strum, so if that is what you are looking for, please contact one of the other guitar teachers who can actually sing....my voice is terrible!

Chords, chords, chords

Most people come to the guitar wanting to play chords. We don't begin playing other instruments by tackling six notes at once..........so why on earth do we try to do it on the guitar?

If you play simple tunes from day one, bit by bit, everything else will fit into place....all you need is guidance, encouragement and lots of practice. In the end, you will find your own way of playing the guitar, just as Hendrix did.

And if you really want to learn to play a guitar, don't waste your time or money on anyone who tells you that you can play the blues with four notes....or any other similar nonsense. Learning to play the guitar is hard work...but it is also a lot of fun!

Find your own style!

Stairway to Heaven is without doubt the best-known of all guitar 'tunes', one which millions of people attempt to play. None of us will ever be Jimmy Page and none of us can feel the genuine mix of euphoria and nerves which come through when he hits the 'fanfare' chords on stage, just before the big solo, so why try to copy him?

A tune is not a fossil in a museum - if you give it chance, it comes alive and brings you new music......your own.

Here is a man who had the guts to take the basic tune from Stairway to Heaven and do something completely new with it. Take a look at how Stanley Jordan plays a guitar (or two!) and be amazed. Spot the wrong notes....but hats off to him for still delivering an incredible performance.

The foundation

Tunes are the foundation of most Western music - pop, rock, jazz, country, folk, blues, reggae, even classical music and some kinds of electronic dance music.

Once you can play a few simple tunes, I can help you to understand chords and everything else from the ground up so that you can eventually play any type of guitar music you want. All it takes is a bit of natural talent combined with determination and practice......as Thomas Edison said, "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"!


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