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Why guitartunes....and why is there a trumpeter on this page?

Ask a million guitarists to play a simple tune like "Happy Birthday" and I bet that over 999,990 of them will get it wrong! And I also bet that nine out of ten people who play a trumpet would have no bother at all.

We teach piano, recorder, violin, bagpipes, the trumpet and lots of other instruments by starting with simple TUNES.............so I do the same with the guitar. Hence the name for this website - "guitartunes".

Why I teach guitar (and bass, and ukulele, and keyboard!)

I have recorded thousands of hours of original guitar tunes and played for a living seven days a week, but there are good reasons why I now teach instead of playing. You won't find any of my guitar playing on the internet, but with a bit of luck there should soon be some new piano music, so look again over the next few weeks!

Tunes by numbers

Three years ago I started teaching tunes by numbers. It happened by accident in a family group lesson one night - suddenly things clicked and everyone immediately found it easy to learn a new tune. 

It has worked wonders for lots of people.

In numbers, "Happy birthday" goes like this.........

11 2 1 4 3

11 2 1 5 4

11 8 6 44 3 2

77 6 4 5 4

Try singing the numbers and you are half way to playing the tune. You don't need to think about notes like "B flat" and so on because I teach you how to train your fingers, so that your fingers can do the thinking for you. 

Patterns for your fingers

A piano keyboard has a nice pattern of black and white notes which make it easy to learn tunes and remember them. My job is to teach you how to use fingering patterns on the guitar, unlocking the secrets of the guitar fretboard.

You can go all the way from a simple tune like 'Happy birthday' to the most intricate jazz or rock solo by using the same method. There is no need to read TAB and reading music is entirely optional - your fingers make the music, so let's train your fingers!


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